Why I prefer using Notepad++ over Traditional Notepad

As a Product Manager, communication, co-ordination & tracking Progress plays a key role in my day 2 day life; be it with Stakeholders including  Marketing Team, Developers, QA (testing) team or Founders

I was a Notepad (diary) person in start of my career; taking notes for every new learning or action points needs my attention or team addressal.

I was introduced to Notepad++ few years ago by a colleague from Engineering Team who was working on development spree all the time [Startup Life].

“Glory lies in the attempt to reach one’s goal and not in reaching it –  Gandhi “

I always ensure & train Product Team – “Why Note Taking is Important”

As a Product Manager I have to keep action points ready after each meeting & define next steps of action —> In terms of Deliverables.

Being most effective & smart in Note taking is a debate able topic; everyone has own style.

Like my favorite Notepad++ has been said to be Developer friendly [most developer love to write code on Notepad++ ]; Though lot of “Note Taking Digital Applications are available for Users”.

Top Features of Notepad++ made me use it as my daily companion for note taking:

  • Use “TABS” function to manage multiple notes at one pane:

      Conventional Notepad – You have save each note as one file & manage them by toggle between them if you have to refer all of them at once.

  • Dark Mode (my fav):
    • Conventional Notepad – Dark mode is not available, Microsoft has not came this far to give its users “BG Color or Theme management ” for their products.
      • Notion has the theme management [Light & Dark Mode]
  • Auto Save [Life Saver]:
    • A lot of time, sudden crash or Shutdown Laptop has given a “Heart Attack” when you are working on critical task like Documentation or extracting actionable task from “MOM”.
    • Auto save feature in Notepad++ has saved me alot of time & made me rely on the product which you can trust with.
      • Auto save feature in Notepad++ also works in System crash or sudden shutdown or Hibernation of your machine.
    • Auto save feature can also be found in Google Docs.
  • Migration:
    • A lot of time, you need to Switch your laptops [crash or stolen or broken]. Notepad++ gets you back with notes in just one click of IMPORT [Load] notes.


  • Text Recommendation [Auto-Fill]:
    • When you are in Hurry or Speed typing, you are prone to Mistakes of typo error [human error]
    • Also Windows Apps doesn’t enable “Keyboard” assistance feature of word recommendation when typing [I could not find one good App for this]. This Auto fill or Recommendation engine improving typing speed & over all performance of my note taking.