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Welcome to my Digital profile! I'm a results-oriented Digital Product Head with 15+ years of diverse expertise in iGaming, E-commerce, Loyalty, CRM, Logistics, and Telecommunication.

Throughout my dynamic career, I've successfully led cross-functional teams comprising Product Managers, UI/UX developers, and Developers across Singapore, India, and UAE. My passion for innovation and customer-centricity has driven me to deliver outstanding results in highly competitive markets.

Key Highlights: ✨ Global Experience: Successfully navigated and thrived in the ever-evolving landscapes of Singapore, India, and UAE, delivering cutting-edge digital products that drive growth and exceed customer expectations.

✨ Agile Champion: Adept at implementing Agile practices, including Project Management and SCRUM, to streamline workflows, foster collaboration, and deliver projects with exceptional efficiency. I leverage Agile methodologies to deliver results that align with business objectives and exceed stakeholder expectations.

✨ Multidisciplinary Proficiency: Experienced in iGaming, E-commerce, Loyalty, CRM, Logistics, and Telecommunication, I possess a unique blend of skills that allows me to drive innovation and optimize digital experiences across industries.

✨ Innovation-Driven Mindset: I thrive on exploring emerging technologies and market trends to create innovative solutions that captivate users, drive engagement, and enhance customer satisfaction. I consistently seek opportunities to disrupt the status quo and deliver exceptional value to both customers and businesses.

✨ PRINCE2 & CSPO Certified: As a certified PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) and CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner) professional, I bring a structured approach to project management, ensuring successful outcomes and effective risk management.

I'm passionate about leveraging technology to drive digital transformation, enhance user experiences, and fuel business growth. Let's connect to explore collaboration opportunities and discuss how we can create groundbreaking digital products together.


Digital Product Head | Innovation-driven | People First | Agile Expert | PRINCE2 & CSPO Certified


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Agile Coach

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